This game is the experience of being a Soldier. Not the hero, who’ll face the great villain, and get all the glory. Instead, I want to think of how is the life of the ordinary soldier of the evil empire.

The main idea, of this game, is to explore the mind of a soldier that works for the Enemy of an epic story. If normally you would fight for the rebellion against the evil man, here I want the player to fight for the evil man, but without the actual good vs evil.

The gameplay is simple, aiming to be something between a hack’n’slash game, and something more realistic, using the upper buttons and triggers on the joystick to select different postures – low strike, medium strike, high strike and block -, using the buttons to change the strength of them – again, we have the low damage, the medium damage, the high damage – and also a special parry, using the analog sticks to move the character.

One last important point is that while the game should not be “too hard”, it must not be “too easy”. To fully explore the idea of “what if the Evil Guys are not that bad?”, each time you die, you take the role of a different soldier, with their own lives – you are able to read their letters, see their photos of home, to try to show different sides of the fight: nobleman may see the Evil Empire as people that may use wrong methods, but are keeping the order. Or some poor men think that while it’s bad that the war is happening, he’s gaining enough to feed his family. Yet, a veteran understand that the war is not pretty, but the empire shown that they are capable of protecting people, and the people who aren’t had other reasons to not be protected, like the presence of rebels or just the lack of resources.

I have some doubts about this design, because I feel that it needs to be a hard game, to let Soldiers die – the objective is, after all, to explore various points of view -, letting people create their own stories, their analysis of the game, if your Empire is, indeed, doing some good for the people or not. I don’t know how it would work, actually, if the player can climb in the ranks, if he can desert… But I believe it’s an idea worth marking, so in the future I may be able to develop it further.

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