This is a game, meant to be a light hearted experience, and not that simple.

Here, you assume the role of a Waiter, who must go around the dinner, and serve the right people the right order.

You have three main objectives: be able to remember who asked each food, be able to walk carrying them, and get better tips.

Being able to remember who asked each food is your first objective, and there’s no menu, or hint in interface, to help you. You must be able to remember every order by yourself. If you fail to deliver the right order once, you’ll only be looked down by the manager. If you fail to do it thrice, the chef will remember you who asked for it.

The second objective, to be able to walk carrying food, drinks and dinnerware is based on using the keyboard and the mouse: using the keyboard, you can walk forward, backwards, right or left, or any combination of them, and choose between walking or running. Walking is the most stable way to move, while running is not. Using the mouse, you control your balance, represented in the screen by a circle, that represents your tray: there are symbols representing what’s up there, and colors to show how heavy they are: Green is the lightest, that you don’t need to care that much. Yellow is between light and heavy, and you must take care when walking. If the color is Red, you must take absolute care. Moving your mouse in the circle, you can keep your balance, so you always need to see how you are walking, to see how you are doing, and in the circle, to understand where to balance it.

The last objective, to get better tips, is calculated on how fast you were, if you gave the right order, and if you took your time with each client. This last point is given automatically on how much time you spent in the client side: the more time you spent with him, better your tip, but you’ll need to go faster if you want to keep the process agile with other clients.

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