This is a tactical RPG about a police department, and their approaches to different situations. There are no super powers here, or monsters, or a lot of lives for each character. It’s more like the idea behind XCOM: you get a serious hit, you will not be effective. You die? You can no longer use this character.

You don’t have actual classes, either: you have different skills for different characters, that may allow you to, instead of neutralizing the threat as soon as possible with you weapons, be able to talk to the criminal and take him peacefully.

Each mission you have an objective: to rescue the hostage, to disarm the bomb, to pacify a village. How you are going to do it is up to you: you must care only about how good, or bad, you will look like, if you kill many people, bystanders may run and show your position to the criminals, while if you act like the good guys they can provide you with intel that you normally wouldn’t have.

I imagine this game being “gritty” as possible, without many colors, really somber, but with blood, drugs and victims with strong colors, reinforcing them in the scene. There would be not many differences between an innocent bystander and a criminal – I want the player to think, and then act: is that person carrying a gun? Is he talking to someone? The player must be able to talk to them, or just neutralizing them, without using lethal weapons.

In the end, my objective is to bring the feel of a cop movie, where everyone is looking for you and you don’t know who to trust, besides your own team. Even in missions with hostages, where you must only rescue them, I want the player to think a lot about his actions, to be able to do what is not expected: sometimes, the actual plan  may not be the ideal one, and doing things that no one would do may be a better solution than doing the correct thing.

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