This is a game where you only use two buttons and the mouse: your mouse to point in a direction, with the Left Button you take a step with your left leg, and with the Right Button you take a step with your right leg. The faster you press each button, faster you will walk.

You don’t know, for sure, why you only walk, and never take a car – you think there’s something behind you, following you -, but you are only going to take your bus, going grab some groceries… It’s not a place where you would expect something to happen.

Basically, you leave your home at a certain time, and have an objective: to get the bus in ten minutes, to go to the market without sweating too much, and it’s up to you to manage your speed – as said before, you control how fast you go -, your sweat – if you walk too fast you will sweat more – and your stamina – if you don’t have any, you will not be able to run.

The game will begin slowly, letting you increase your stamina – the more you walk, more stamina you will have -, learning how to use songs in your walk – when you walk hearing a song, you will spend less stamina -, and how to use the “walking trance”,  where you don’t spend any stamina, but your vision will become blurred.

Your enemy is “Something”. You can’t attack it, or interact with it. You are not even sure he’s there. It’s not like Slender, in the sense you will see something and be afraid of it, or having some strange sounds. The “horror” here is more about hearing another people steps, seeing people looking at you in strange ways, hearing whispers around you and, in very rare situations, seeing “Something”, that may be a blur, or some strange smoke, or someone wearing a monochromatic suit. If you get caught, you won’t die, but you will lose your day. In the end, your objective is to go through at least five of the seven days.

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