So, this is a different kind of game from those I wrote before, and this is a game to be played when you are waiting to get your food, when you are with some friends in the mall or some dinner.

You only need three tokens for each player, that can be sticks, coins, anything at all. The very basic idea of the game: you must kill your opponent, hitting three parts of his body, the head, the body and the legs. To win a match, the player must land a strike in each part of the enemy, or to strike twice in the head. 

Each player can do two strikes in this turn. He must declare where he’s going to strike, and then both of them must bet none to three objects. If the attacker win, he take the armor of the enemy – in the next strike, in this part, if he wins, or there is a draw, he destroy that part, and the enemy will not be able to use one of his three token. If there is a draw, or he loses, nothing happen. In the next strike, the second, you can only bet the tokens you didn’t use in the first one.

In theory, this game won’t take too much time, it’s meant to be played when you are waiting and, as soon as you get your food, you don’t have the “need” to finish it.

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