This a game, settled in the european middle ages, where every player takes the role of a traveler.

They have one objective: to succeed. The means they have to succeed? They may have enough resources, or being the last one alive. However, I don’t believe it should be a game where just one player win, and the others not. I prefer this to be the kind of game that everyone can win, if everyone trust each other. The reason why they must trust each other is the day and night cycles:

Each turn is divided in day and night, both of them allowing the player to do two actions. During the day, the player can trade with each other, trying to fulfill their objectives – if you need hundred logs of wood, you may sell your meat to buy it -, or to sell to the market, or to look for resources in the woods. During the day, every action is public: everyone knows what you’re doing, you can’t hide it.

During the night, the player also go into the woods to get their resources, or try to face someone. Facing someone means that, if they didn’t set up their defenses, you will kill that player and win what they had. If they set up defenses, nothing happens. During the night, the actions are a secret: each turn, everyone, but one player, will close their eyes: the player that was chosen to do the actions will reveal them, give the resources to the players and check if there were any combat: if there were no defenses, that player will die. If there were, the attacking party must reveal themselves.

I want to have that element of mystery: if no one tried to kill each other, everyone can win the game. It may take more time, of course, but no one would lose officially – the players may decide that the last one to fulfill his objective will lose, but that was their decision. Killing someone nullifies it: you are effectively taking someone out, and if you did it right no one will know that you were the murderer.

To allow this mystery to happen, it’s necessary to create action cards, with three blank spaces, and a lot of tokens of actions. So you will put “Green”, your faction, “Murder”, your action, and “Red”, the enemy you want to kill, with every token turned upside down. When everyone’s ready, you put the card to your front, and close your eyes. Only the player who will perform the action will know the truth: in the ideal game, everyone would be trying to found out who’s the murderer, if there is one, who he is, and waiting their turns to do their actions, knowing that only them will know the truth. And, if there is any attempt of murder, the players must decide, by themselves, what to do: killing this one player who’s trying to create chaos, or kill the offender, and everyone else.

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