This is a physics driven game, where you can fix things in the common, and boring, way, or use the “gambiarra style”. For those who don’t know, gambiarra is something you do, to fix a problem, in unexpected ways.

Here, you have a array of objects that must be working, somehow: if it’s a broken chair, it must be sturdy enough to someone sit on it without falling, if it’s a electric toothbrush, it must spin with the toothbrush without breaking your teeth.

So, you have the boring way, as told before, and the gambiarra. You use your keyboard to select your tools, and use them with your mouse. Depending on the object that must be fixed, you’ll have a different set of tools to use: if you need to fix a chair, you can use your hammer, nails, screwdrivers, but that’s common, boring. If one of the legs is broken, you can use a lot of duct tape, some rubber bands and glue to fix it. The main rule of the game is, as long as it works, it’s safe.

However, I don’t want this game to work only in these small situations, where you normally would do some gambiarra to make it work. After some work I’ve seen, with small walls being built with projectiles made with clay, or drones, I want to develop situations where there aren’t the limitations of the real world.

One example being a wall to protect people from incoming cars. No one would think to use toy bricks, as LEGO, with bubblegum, duct tape and glue and think it really prevent some accident. Or using plastic scales tied together with hair rubber bands to be sure that trees are going to grow in the right way.

The art style of the game should not be heavily based on cartoons, as someone may think when read about the absurdity of the situations I want to have. I believe that it would be better to use actual photographs, with a lot of effects, to create something similar to the real world, but with more different feel. When the player does their actions, depending on the object, there would be the need to photograph a lot of possibilities: duct tape in the beginning, the middle or the end, bubble gum in the beginning, the middle or the end… At least is what I think, maybe there are better ways to generate the influence of the player in the game, maybe using cartoon drawings in it.

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