This design is the kind of game I think it would work very well, but would take a lot of work to be actually possible. But again, I’m about doing the design itself, if someone’s going to do it I wish them luck.

This game is a hack’n’slash that uses action figures as characters. Instead of having computer generated characters, there would be only physical action figures, that someone could buy, and all their movements would be made using stop-motion.

It means that every single movement or attack would need to be animated before. However, I don’t believe that the game should use only stop-motion: to enhance the feel of it, there could be special effects, like shadows or blood, to give the game a different “feel”. Also, the terrain could be done via computers: it would allow it to be destroyed in different ways, reacting to the battle between two figures or more than fifty at the same time.

I imagine that the game would be something like the LEGO franchise: if a company bought this idea, and had enough partnerships, there could be battles where different franchises, with different themes, could interact with each other and create that type of emotion, for example, when a group of heroes get together for the first time in a movie.

The controls would be almost the same for every character: the analogs would take care of the movement, with the directional buttons changing weapons, if the character allows for it. The buttons would control the attacks: one for the quick strike, that cause less damage, but is faster and may stop an enemy, one for the strong strike, that causes more damage and can break defenses, one for the unique strike, that’s unique for the character, and one for the defense, that if it’s done in the right time will parry the enemy.

The shoulder buttons serves to support the main actions, and to differentiate characters. One of them is running: you will move faster, and any attack you do will cause more damage. Another is to change ranges, from short to long, if the character allows it: if not, this button is to unleash a second unique strike. The remaining two buttons are related to unique characteristics of the character: if the character transforms, somehow, he’s going to transform, changing their moveset and patterns. If the character has a famous movement, or a famous attack, he will do it. Of course, some movements have special conditions: if the character can strike one hundred enemies, he must fulfill some conditions, like the character must be in the same situation where he used that strike on his show.

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