As I wrote before, in the first part of this project, I want to make a game that’s more than a single boardgame: it can be experienced, at least, in one animation and one visual novel. For this part of the design, I’ll write about the boardgame, the main piece of this idea.

The game is based on professionals that develop games, this is the core experience. In a previous project, about the creation of anime, we had sixteen main characters, and ninety-six supporting characters. The main problem with this is that there are a lot of characters, so the artist would have difficulties making them unique. Instead, for this design, the game would be played or by player versus player or in co-op. I’m still planning on how to make a good number of characters: there’ll be three main areas that characters would act in, game art, game design and game programming. Maybe, to cover all the different set of skills needed to make a game, in the area of game design, the character would have some skills on the design itself, a little bit on sound design and some on project management.

There’s a problem, then, that’s how to have a challenge. In the project I talked before, we had the player to look for money, to fund their anime, and audience, that defines the winner. For this design, I think that the money should be ignored, focusing in the “quality” of the game, and “release date”.

The player decides what kind of game he’s going to do, if it’s a mobile game, a web game, a console game, a pc game or a boardgame. Having done this, he must compose his team, based on the requisites of the type of game he want to do. Then, he make the main team, the three leaders of the three main areas. If there’s the need, he hires more workers. And then, begins the second part of the game.

I don’t want to use the idea of sets of cards, because it didn’t work that well in that project. Instead, I believe that there should be only one set, and it’s going to affect each player. In this set, there would be different problems found in game development: someone was late, the project was lost in an accident, youtubers are not liking it… And it’s up to the player to deal with it, or not, gaining, or losing, something, being it the quality or the release date.

The player can also, in his turn, to improve the skill of one character, that will raise the quality of their work, or to push the team, making the release date earlier. The game is over when all the players sold their games. The quality is measured by how many points of skill your characters have, in their specific areas: doesn’t matter if the 3D Artist have five points in game design, his main area is 3D Art, and measures how much the game is going to sell. And each turn, after a release, will give more points to the player who sold the game earlier, creating that balance between increasing the overall quality, that influences the sellings, and the release date, that may give you enough to be able to surpass better games.

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