I’m not sure that this game should be categorized as an action game, or a fighting game. For now, I’ll consider it an action game, but if necessary I’ll change it later.

In this game, you assume the role of a master of martial arts, capable of facing creatures that less skilled fighters are not able to face.

The difference of this game from others is in the story and gameplay: the main character, a princess without kingdom, have four different personalities, besides the main one, and each one of them have a different set of skills: the capoeira, the krav maga, the wing chun and the bojutsu, and each one of them serve to a different function.

The first personality, the Lover, is about facing enemies looking as good as possible. When the player is under the influence of the Lover, her movements will become more sensual and act in a more feminine way, exaggerating the movement of hips and being less “stiff”. The capoeira, in the fight, work to stun enemies – because the dance-like movements, your enemies may not be able to block all your strikes – and move faster than the other styles.

The second personality, the Assassin, is about killing as soon as possible, without wasting energy. When the player is under this personality, the princess will walk in the most efficient way – without wasting energy or movement -, and always keeping her body, and mind, ready to strike enemies. And when she uses the krav maga, all the attacks will cause more damage, and some of them may cause instant death.

The third personality, the Peaceful, is about avoiding conflict, but be ready for it. The way the Peaceful moves is more relaxed than the Assassin or the Lover, but as soon as an enemy enters in her field of vision, she is ready to strike, in a form that will be more efficient to face the enemy. The main use of the wing chun, the style that the Peaceful uses, is to counter strikes, causing more damage than the counters of other styles, and also avoid more strikes without the player needing to give these commands.

The last personality, the Guard, is the one that cares about the defense, and is the more rigid of the personalities, the one that care most about honor and pride. The way the princess moves under the Guard is holding her staff close to her body, always in the posture that will allow her to defend herself in the best possible way. During the fight, with the bojutsu, her advantages are the longer reach she have, so she’s able to force enemies to fight in the distance she want to, and if necessary is able to apply some of the basic of this style with weapons found in the ground, as swords and spears.

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