A game where the player creates Poetry.

The systems may be self-explanatory: the player look a primal bird, and it creates a line. Combining different lines will result in different poetries, and it’s done.

In the game world, the player is a messenger of the god called Poet, the only one left after a cataclysm forced the gods to forget humankind. So it’s up to you, using your tales, to make the nature go back as it was before. For example, if you must make the birds return, you could use famous lines, like the ones from The Raven, or combine some of your own, using the line about that primal bird. Doing it, all the birds will return.

Almost the entire gameplay is based around the idea of a bleak world, without colors, that must be filled by the player, anyway he wants. However, to fit the story, the player can’t try to go against the “good of the world”, be it by allowing all the animals to live without predators, or by creating droughts or fires. The player must try his best to not influence the nature, and be done as soon as possible.

It’s a very experimental game that may not work if actually made. It would require an art style really different, able to provoke a lot of emotions if it’s colored, but be able to show the player, if colorless, that each little thing in the scene is a different part of the world, and it “feels wrong”, encouraging the player to try to fix it. The gameplay, too, is too simple: you will walk around, looking at the world, open an interface and combining the lines to make what you want. Then it’s judged by the system, and the player will unlock certain part of the world, related to the poetry he just made, based on certain criteria. And that’s basically how the game work.

I imagine this game as something that even people who are not gamers may find interesting. By using famous lines from different authors, it’s possible to encourage the player to read the original. It would work as trophies: for example, if you use lines from The Raven, you get the trophy of Edgar Allan Poe. The player that doesn’t know his work may find it interesting, based on what he saw in the game, and read more of it.

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