This design is going to be a little shorter, but I think it’s going to be just as nice.

This idea is based on the strange day of December 3, when the sky was black during the morning, a parking garage entrance disappeared, and some areas of the building were locked.

You are a student of game design, and you were going to do your last project in college. But when you saw the sky, you understood that something was strange. The game is more of an experience than a game itself: you will only select some main actions – go to the restroom, talk to people -, always keeping the idea that you are a student, without any kind of legal right to ask people what they know. And a second action, that’s exploring the scene, like one of those games to find objects.

You have, as said before, three main objectives: at first, you must discover why the sky was black. Was it some experiment of the army? Was it regional or it affected the whole country? You can use your smartphone to do it, or try to hear what people are talking – using the smartphone is an action, but to hear their conversations, you must select “Go to the Hall”.

Your second objective is to find out why the area of the garage, where you and your friends left your car, disappeared. It’s not like you forgot where you left it, but somehow the entrance is blocked, as there never was any entrance there. You can try to walk around, by looking for stairs, doors or elevators, and ignore it. The player should be interested, but if he’s not, just focus on taking your car back.

The last goal is to discover why some areas are blocked by the Man in Black. Hear their conversations and reasoning to fellow students, try to understand if they are connected to the black sky, or the disappearing entrance.

The game will end after 12am, and you must put together some explanation to these facts, giving you points, if you were right, or not giving any, if you were wrong.

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