In this game, you must get someone else elected. This is a boardgame, but right now, I want to explain about the main mechanics, and in the future, detail how they apply to a boardgame.

You can work in two main different ways, the “clean” campaign and the “dirty” one. Doing a fair campaign is all about showing people what the good things your candidate will do for his city/state/country, how he will save what needs to be saved and how life is going to be better, because he is that good.

The dirty campaign still has the idea of showing how great your candidate is… At same time you must show people all the problems the other candidates have, and everything they don’t want people to know. And you can try to use false information to sell your candidate, you only care about making your candidate win the elections.

The problems both of these campaigns have is the media, the candidates and the people. The media’s job is to sell information, and you must coordinate with the rest of the team to be sure that everything is going as planned, to show your candidate in the best light possible. Again, you can do things right by making your candidate give interviews or debates, or can do things that no one is proud of, for example, buying reporters to sell your candidate, or paying people to try to destroy the other candidates image on media.

The second problem, of course, is the candidates themselves. They may have better proposals, better images, and you must deal with it. You can try to talk with their political parties, see if you can do a partnership, or try to get together just until other candidate is “gone”. Of course, in real life things may be different, but I want to focus more on these “fantasies”, to allow the player to see the effects of their actions faster than real life.

And the third main problem is the people. People will react to every single thing your candidate do. The way they act on social media, the way they do their speeches, their proposals… Only the proposals you have no control of, but the social media, the speeches, how they will spend their days, on interviews, or any other aspect related to the campaign you can decide how things will be. Again, the most control you have in relation to the proposals is how hard they will speak of it. They may say with confidence that Something will be legal, or may say that “Things like Something are complicated, but my government will do what it’s possible (…)”. Keeping the element of choice, of the right thing and the wrong, you can just ask them to lie, and win the votes you may lose if admitted the truth about your views.

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