This was a design for a Game Design Challenge about bugs. Here’s the link for the original.

The game I designed is called Fear of Bees.

As the name itself says, it’s a game about Bees, and fear. It’s essentially the story of a beehive, and how it interacts with the nature. You can choose between two styles of gameplay: Being the Queen, a more RTS-like, or being any Bee, and being a game in third person.

This game is not 100% realistic, so yes, if you are controlling the Queen, it’s your job to make sure that the Hive will resist anything. So it’s up to you sending other bees to get food, or to look for new areas to expand, or to avoid combat. But, for now, let me talk about the third person part of the game.

As a Bee, you have a very specific job. You may be the one getting the polen, or you may be the one defending the Hive. So you must fly, and do your job, just your job. You can notice the Queen, after, but you can’t do anything without the Queen knowing.

That’s because you are a bee. A lot of things are bigger than you. Dogs are bigger, cats are bigger, even small lizards are bigger than you. But humans are, too, bigger than you. You must know if it’s worth to sting them. A dog, for example, may develop a fear of bees, and never again try to attack the Hive. But a human? A human can kill an entire Hive, and you will not stand a chance against it.

You may choose, then. Be quiet, and maybe, just maybe, the human will not exterminate you, but will take you to someone who can keep the Hive safe, and then make honey. If you keep doing your thing peacefully, the bee after some time will have evolved into a docile bee that can make more honey. Or, if your type is a strong violent bee, you will have a more toxic sting, and you will make the animals fear you. And when this happen, you will lose your fear. You will see a human, and instead of thinking that you should escape, for now, you can sting them and be sure that they will not return.

That’s the experience. After pollinating, creating new Hives, it’s a game about you choosing what to do. You may use the humans as a form of defense, making their honey and not stinging them, but in the gameplay seeing them as monsters who can destroy you Hive with a single touch. Or you may offer yourself for the Hive, making them fear you, and not the other way around. There is no such thing as “this is the wrong way to be a bee!” By being a non realistic game, you can try to see how it is, for the bees, to be afraid of monsters like dogs or humans.

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