This is a design for a Game Design Challenge, about a constructive destruction. Here’s the link for the original.

The player is a forgotten hero, in a post-apocalyptic world, and also is the last man alive.

The reason why he’s a forgotten hero? He blow anything he touches. The reason why the world as we know has ended? The hero exploded a special weapon that exterminated the humankind.

That weapon not just exterminated humans, but changed animals. Even puppies are now killing machines, with lasers and mounted guns. They are now cyber-animals, stronger, faster, and deadlier than anything that already walked on Earth. And every single cyber-animal here wants to kill The Explosivo.

The gameplay is about the hero, who can’t kill an innocent live, trying to escape the cyber-animals using his parkour and his explosions.

It’s easier to see how it works by describing a common situation: The player is in a small town, and around the small house he’s in, there’s a lot of cyber-animals, all looking for their meat. If the player want to – that’s not how The Explosivo would to things, but the player can do it, if they want -, they can just go around exploding his enemies, and everything is ok.

But how the player should act? Explode walls to make passages, destroy columns to make ramps, even create holes in the ground, so he can walk through the sewers and escape.  Of course, The Explosivo is a hero, he can adjust his power anyway he wants, so he can adjust to any situation he may face.

And the combat, if The Explosivo had sworn to not kill an innocent live? They are cybernetic animals, and are just destroyed if they command center is destroyed. But just a big explosion may destroy it. So, The Explosivo had found a solution: If he can’t blow them up, he can stop them… By blowing another thing up.

Yes. When you open a passage through a wall, you push your enemies. When you make a ramp by blowing up some columns? The debris will crush the animals, and you can run. The same works for holes: If there is anything below your new found hole… They will not follow you.

It’s a game meant to be a short, but intense ride. You’ll be running a lot, adjusting things the way you want to on the fly. You see a lot of flying cyber-bats looking for you? Cyber-dogs running around a safe place?  Just make a hole, keep running, and never stop.  If things are chasing you, you create traps. Create holes, create debris, or even blow the floor below you again. It’s all up to the player, there is no “wrong way to do it”, you are all alone in the world, no one would say that you were wrong by doing your thing anyway you want to.

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