This design was for a Game Design Challenge, with the theme of using musical instruments. Here’s the link for the original.

My project of game is based on Berimbau, the Pandeiro and the Atabaque, using the theme of Capoeira.

The main idea is to use the Berimbau to keep the flow of the game: Capoeira is, after all, not just a marcial art, but also a dance. This game could also work with the Pandeiro and the Atabaque, the main instruments used in Capoeira.

Each team of players control one single fighter. Each instrument control one type of attack: The Berimbau the Kicks, the Pandeiro the Defense, the Atabaque the Hand and Arms strikes, while there are combos, like the Berimbau and the Pandeiro control the Headbutts, the  Berimbau and the Atabaque control the Takedowns, and the Pandeiro and the Atabaque control the Feints.

It’s a game very focused on teamwork. Each player must keep the fighter going, and know when to take a step back and let the other take the stage. The basic movements are automatics: The team just needs to take care of the dance, and try to win.

There is a points system, based on the musicality of it: If the team just smash the instruments, they may win, but not earn as many points as a team that has some sense of musicality and rhythm. The idea is, because it is a song, to award those who make the experience better, instead of finishing it as soon as possible.

If the team pay attention to the song the players are singing, they can have some basic idea of the rhythm of the fight: If they follow it, they will be better as someone who is not. If one player manage to get all the song right, he will keep in the dance, and the other one will lose one point. If both players are following the right rhythm, the dance will go on, until one of them finish it.

Each fight/dance, in this game, is based on three points. The objective is to allow the game to have two different songs, one focused on the fight itself and one that is more focused on the song. The third one, if necessary, is oriented by the players. It will take five minutes, and the team with more points is the one who will win the round. 

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