This was a design for a Game Design Challenge, and the game should use two analog sticks. Here’s the link for the original.

The game I’m planning is The Drive.

Why The Drive? It’s a simple game, you just drive in towns, and roads, and almost anything that your simple and common car can ride. But it’s not a arcade game, where you will spin a lot of times, explode some gas tank and still be intact: It’s focused on being something between the arcade feel and the hardcore simulation spirit.

It’s a simulator, because you will not move your car like you normally would. You need to turn your car? You need to know how much you need to turn your analog stick to correspond to how much your steering wheel will turn, so it’s not just putting the stick to the left: you will spin the stick just enough to move your car to the left, and when you are done doing this curve, you must re-spin your stick, to make your car aligned again.

And the other analog? It’s your manual transmission. And no, there is no automatic. The point of being a simulator, is that you must change your gear if you are moving, if you stop, you need to put your gear in the right position, and accelerate in the right way, or you will damage your car, and of course, you don’t want to fail your job to drive someone to certain location in a huge town. And, by making you change your gear with the right analog stick, steering with the left analog stick, accelerating with right trigger and braking with the left trigger, you gain some buttons to interact with the car.

You see some burguer in the seat at your side? Grab it, and eat it. Of course, be careful to not let some cop see you. But you can do it. Or adjust the radio station. It’s your car, after all. You are the driver, you do your own decisions.

And the arcade feel? The town is not some orange and grey city. It’s colorful, it’s alive, that’s not boring at all. I want it that way so, even if it’s hard to grasp the controls, it’ll be a fun experience. Yes, it’ll be boring, you will stop a lot in traffic, you may be hit by some other driver, you may be punished by going against the traffic laws, and you may be punished just because the police officer wants to.

But I want it to be like that. I’m talking about driving, just driving, in a city different than anything you ever saw. A colorful city, a city that you want to get lost in, that will make you drive between some alleys and discover new and amazing buildings, a city where any drive through will offer something new to the player, something that will make him think “I drove here, I spent a lot of money in gas, I spent a lot of time coming here, but I like it and I’ll return”.

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