Again, a design made for a Game Design Challenge, about a piece of poetry. You can see the original here.

My concept is around the “No Meio do Caminho”, a Brazilian poem of Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Basically, the poem is about a rock in the middle of the road, and he remembering it. What I propose is not a game, but an experience in certain ways similar to Journey.

In the game, you watch how people react to certain obstacles you can choose from. You put a rock in the middle of the sidewalk, and people may ignore it. Or some kids may pick them, or some teenager kick it. Or you can, instead of a rock, choose a hole, and people may go around them, or try to jump it, or even grab some planks of wood nearby and improvise a bridge.

The idea is to be something relaxing, and to just watch people. By having a lot of objects to choose from, there can be some humor, too: A piano in the middle of the road, and people may play it, and then people may dance or begin to sing along. Or maybe a band may be going through the road, and people may ignore it, being in their cellphones, or maybe fathers will hold their children to give them a better view from the show. Or even barriers that occupy the whole way: Will they walk around it, in the street? Will they be sad and go back?

That’s what I offer. An experience based on the concept of someone facing an obstacle in the road, and remembering everything about it.

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