This was a design to a Game Design Challenge, about using a sport as a game, without using the sport itself. Here’s the link to the original ideia.

As the name itself says, the game is about the ballad of the Archer, being the archer the player itself.  The story is comical, like the premise of the game. Once upon a time, Robyn Wool was shooting with his bow some fruits, and when it fell, the large coconut hit a Bard. Robyn, then, decided that he could be the Bard and, with luck, gain some gold.

The player, then, begin his journey to the Kingdom’s Court by using his bow. The very basic concept is: You have the draw, the arrow flying and the hit. Your job is to choose each “part of the symphony”, so if you use some strong rope, the sound of it being released will be different than a weaker rope, and so is the object being hit; You may hit a chunk of wood, or a vase of porcelain, and each different sound will affect the theme of your song.

In a concrete example: In the first level, the tutorial, you must discover your hidden talent of “musical power”.  You control the game like a FPS, with the keyboard controlling the aim and the mouse the strength that you are putting on the shot. Then, after moving your arms, you can decide where to shoot, and independent, you will have a “magical moment” in which you discover that yes, it’s musical enough to be a Bard and it’s very good.

With the game flowing, you unlock more instruments. You may shoot a chicken, to appeal the Fool of the court, or you may use the violin to shoot three sets of arrows. The idea is to create chaos. With the game being played with a first person camera, you see what you are creating. If there are arrows stuck in the wall, or someone was hit – and their screams are part of your melody -, of even if your target is enjoying himself, or not. It is worth to say that different people like different things; The Fool may like funny songs, but the Old Doctor may hate anything fun-related, and prefer the sobriety of dying people.

The visual style of the game is heavily based on old cartoons, like Tom and Jerry, because that’s the idea, something that must not be considered serious in any way. If you hit a arrow through the eye of “Not the Target”, they will scream, but there will be no blood at all. If you shot the chicken, it will be screaming or with the white eyes and small birds flying around her head.  There are colors, and besides the description of each item, like “The Chicken: It’s Funny because I Say it Is”, or “The Violin: Not to be Played. Seriously”, there is no actual music in the game. That’s the premise, after all. A gorgeous cartoon game that makes a Archer being a Musician because he shoot stuff and hear it as the music of heavens.

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