I don’t know if this one should be categorized as a platform game or an experience. But let’s go with platform, right now, and if I need to I’ll change it later.

The very first thing you do, in the game, is give the Character the “Character Sense”, a fancy way to say that he understand that he’s a character created by someone, and his existence, and everything he knows is fake. And you are “God”, the one who play with his life.

After all, a God is one above all, and the player is one above everything in the game, able to control, at very least, one character. What would change, then, if this character knew that he’s not truly free to do his quest?

The difficulties of the game are one part of it, for example. Based on archetypes, like the Religious or the Rebel, we show the player how much they care about our “orders”. The Religious would do anything we want them to, be it to walk, jump to reach a block or even jump to their deaths. The Rebel would not, we would need to convince them, or by talking to them, or by bribing them, or by “truly commanding” them.

Talking to them is more about philosophy than actually giving orders. I imagine that, if someone became able to have a conversation with God, or someone above us, there would be a lot of talking about ”why” and less “I want to…” So some archetypes, like the Scholar, for example, may resist against your orders in the beginning, but when you begin these conversations, he may trust you enough to do as you command.

Bribing is about using your vision of the game – not the character’s vision, your vision – to say that, if they do something, they will gain something. If they jump on that ledge, they will get coins. If they go against that wall, they will gain a whole cake. Characters that are not interested in obeying you, and don’t care about discussions about themselves, may care about what they can gain.

The last option, the true command, is about taking their free will, and do exactly as you would to a character who want to do as you command. But as soon as the effect’s gone, you’ll lose their trust, and may need to use again a command.

The game is ideally played on a computer, so you can control the character with the keyboard but as soon as they begin to question themselves, or just feel lonely, they speak up: “Hey, can I ask you…” and you answer as you see fit, changing their perception of you. Let’s say, if you have +80% you can control them directly, but if you are between 50% and 80% you pinpoint a location, and they will try to get there. Between 20% and 50% you can only say “left, right, above or below”, and below 20% you have no control whatsoever.

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