This design is something that I think of in the beginning of my second semester at graduation. I never wrote it before, but I want to describe because it was important, I liked it at that time and I assume that someone may find it interesting.

The game is about extreme fishing. Not in the sense that you will be fishing without specific fishing-related objects, or be fishing in extreme conditions, and you surely will not be fishing whales with only a harpoon.

The game is meant for four players, and is about warriors from the world fighting a common enemy: the Fishmen from Waterhell! Dinosaurs weren’t able to resist against them, and the Aliens from Space were able only to let humankind develop enough to have a chance. And now, the Shieldmaiden, the Ronin, the Queen of Seven Seas and Urgh united against the threat!

As you may think, this is a non-sense game. I don’t want the player to think why a viking would be facing a zombie humanoid shark, or why a pirate would use a laser weapon, a gift from a tiny man in green suit, to destroy an army of giant humanoid tunas. I usually try to write games in a more serious way, but this one I imagine as an action movie before all the concerns with movies being serious, without colors and any sense of humor at all.

The way the game is played is like a sidescroller of arcades: you begin in the entrance of the area, in the left corner, and must face an army of enemies that are going to destroy the character and everything they live for.

Each character has a single weapon and a single skill. The Shieldmaiden uses the Great Viking Axe, the heirloom of her family, and has the skill to call upon the Valkyries, that may strike enemies, or give you buffs. The Ronin use a pair of swords, one short and one normal, a gift from his master, an old oyster man. His skill is the “For the Honor of the Claaaaaaaan!”, a attack where he strike everyone in his line of sight while screaming “for the honor of the clan!”.

The Queen of Seven Seas is the one who can strike in both medium and long range, because she has the Sword of Neptune, a sword she robbed from some guy, and the Laser Gun Mk III, something an alien gave to her. Her skill is to bring a giant wave, and while in the wave your movement is faster, your attacks hit harder and enemies receive a decrease on their speed and attack. The last character, Urgh, is a man kept in ice for thousands of years, and fight without any weapon. But he doesn’t need weapons, because he used to break stones with his hands. And his skill is a battlecry that, while active, make every enemy attack Urgh, while Urgh receive a bonus in his attack for each hit he takes.

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