A light-hearted game, without many conflicts or serious themes. Instead, this game, about Mexican Soap Operas, is meant to be just something funny, cool enough to play for some minutes, have some laughs, and move to the next thing.

You basically choose an ambient – hospitals, lines in bank, or any place that can generate a discussion. Then, you assume the role of an actor/actress, and must make it work as a soap opera.  So you may create a scene where two characters are in a line to get breakfast, and suddenly they begin to discuss their relationships, and the woman is pregnant, but the man is having an affair with the best friend of his sister…

It’s meant to be exaggerated, bizarre and surreal.  If you want, you can connect all these plotlines – if by morning you want to play with certain character, but two hours later you want to play with another, there’s no problem, you can do it. If you want just to experience the possible conflicts, without caring about the soap opera, do it. But if you want to play more, you can play some scenes in sequence and, in the end, have a brief summary of what happened. And share it, save it, or continue it. Or you could even play it in a serious way, caring about your plot, and keeping your characters “in character”, like one would expect from a serious soap opera.

It’s a game that can work with almost any art style, and in almost any platform, because you just choose between some options, see what happened, and choose more options. It would work at best in mobiles – it would require some work to make the interface explain the options you have without taking a large area from the screen -, but would make the player able to experience it in lines, or in traffic, or when he’s waiting for something to happen.

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