This game is about character relationships, strange things that may be the end of the world or a game show, and a supermarket.

You are the leader of a group, or just a lone survivor, it’s up to you, and found shelter in a supermarket. You have food, water, clothes, electricity… But no one knows for how much time you will have it.

Your group is not alone, there are a lot of other people in there. People that also don’t know what’s happening: everyone knows that they shouldn’t leave, but there are writings in things and walls that imply that you are being watched, and may be parts of an entertainment show, about people living in the market.

There are no rules. People may get killed, people may leave anytime they want, people may steal… There is only no-spoken rule that, at the very first day, each group must assume a corridor. Everything that’s there is property of the group, as the corridor itself.

If you are a lone survivor, a smart thing would be make alliances with other groups – you talk to them, or negotiate with them, or threaten them, you decide -, or fortify your position. After all, you may be the survivor with the food corridor, and after some time people could die of hunger, while you feast.

If you decide to make groups, instead of a game similar to a visual novel, you have a strategy game. You must control your “fortress”, by moving carts, clothes and boxes to make barricades, choosing who gets what, who will be at guard, but most important, make everyone knows that leaving is not an option. As said before, no one know what’s happening. In the best case scenario, it’s a game show, and being the last ones to leave will get them prizes. In the worst case scenario, the world has ended and you will die out there.

Sometimes, people of other groups will try to talk to you, or negotiate. A lot of this game is about being sure that your group is safe, and the others see you as “not a threat” or “a threat”. You can try to make everyone safe – again, each group assumes the control of one single corridor. Sometime, everyone will need to get control of other people corridors, be it by necessity, for food, or by personal desires, like beds, chairs or electronic entertainment, like TV’s.

In the beginning, I explained what this would be. A game where character relationships, as their groups, are the way to make sure you are safe, in a world where no one know if outside the market is safe, having a supermarket as their safe heaven and setting of the game.

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