For this one, I can’t find a good name for it right now. So, if I return to this idea, I’ll think about it later.

This idea is a RPG with a different system to learn skills. For this reason, for this part of the design, I’ll be talking about how the mage class works, and a little bit about the game system and objectives.

The game is a tactical RPG, where you are a student of an Association of Mages. They teach magic for people, and to pay for it, they give students missions, that may vary for simply taking a book from a store to eliminate creatures that are threatening human lives.

You begin the game as a student: each student receives a single grimoire, with only one spell, related to what you want to study – the basic elements, like fire, water, earth and air, summoning creatures or helping your allies. Each time your position in the Association grow higher, your grimoire receive another page, with more spells, or you may receive another grimoire, if you want to, with another set of spells.

The main difference of this game is the difference between Unlocking Skills and Learning Skills. Assuming that magic was real, no one would learn new spells suddenly they would practice and develop it, based on what they know. When you Unlock a Spell, on this game, it means that you can Learn it by using a skill point, or by practicing. When you Learn a Spell, you can use it anytime you want to.

Assuming that the first skill of the Fire Branch is Basic Fireball, and you already unlocked the next tier, being a Large Fireball, Glide and Firestream. Each skill may be used, in combat, in three different versions, the Weak, the Medium and the Strong. In this tier of the Fire Branch, the first the player has, you must do certain tasks:

  • To learn the Large Fireball, the player must cast a Strong Fireball twenty times, in battle or in the training fields of the Association.
  • To learn the Firestream, the player must cast a Medium Fireball twenty times consecutives in the same target, in battle or in the training fields of the Association.
  • To learn Glide, the player must cast a Weak Fireball twenty times, in battle or in the training fields of the Association, on himself.

As soon as you fulfill the task, you Learn the spell, allowing you to use it anytime you want to. Or, if you have skills points, you can learn them without fulfilling the tasks – in the beginning, it may be easier to learn the skills by doing the tasks, but further in the game learning them with the skill points will reduce your need to go back to the Association to learn the skills.

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