A semi-realistic game to help people who can’t cook, by showing them how to make simple food.

It would use an art style that’s realistic enough to understand concepts related to how the food must look like – the sauce must be a certain color, and the meat must have changed a little bit -, but not enough to be too realistic: I’m afraid that the people who could actually benefit from the game may think that’s too complicated, or think that the realistic approach will make the game boring, without action.

A lot of things could be made just by using a mouse and a keyboard: there won’t be a lot of times when you must take care of two things at once. For example, you must make meat with some sauce. To cut the onions, you select them with your mouse. Then, you could peel it with the mouse, and cut it with both mouse and keyboard.

Things like stirring and moving things could be made by the mouse, without problems. And actions like pinching also could be made with the mouse, by having “strength bars”. If you grab meat and pinch them lightly, by holding the button down until the bar reach certain level, then pressing a button to stop it, you may move it. If you pinch the meat too hard, by forgetting to stop the strength bar, you may create holes in it, making the meat have less juices.

Again, it’s not supposed to be “the definitive cooking game” that will make people become chefs and creating those awesome foods you can see in restaurants. But it’s enough if it encourages people to try, see that doing things are not that hard, at all, and then become interested in it. And, of course, they should be able to escape from cooking just instant ramen and cereal.

If such game was released, it could use a expansion packs, for different recipes. You could sell each recipe for a small price, or pay a little bit more to get a pack, let’s say, Brazilian Food. Or you could pay a lot to get all of the expansions, and possibly have a large set of options of foods to cook when necessary.

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