This was my second participation in Game Career Guide, and one I really liked to design, usually I don’t think that much about what the Wii U could offer. Here’s the link for it. The theme was a game that could “save” the Wii U, and here’s what I created:

One of the most important things that I should know before saving the Wii U is knowing his potential and understand what is missing, making it work. So, I plan to offer an unique experience, with a heavy focus in the concept of the dual screen.

So, my idea is a game with three different genres, the Strategy, the RPG and the Action. The game tells a medieval story, in which you can customize anyway you like, and in that game, your task is to command the armies of man against the evil forces. What’s different of a PC game, for example? Thanks to the unique gameplay offered by the Gamepad, the gamer will be seeing the action in the TV, while, in the Gamepad, will be commanding his own army.

How can it work? A lot of people are asking for mature games for the WiiU. And almost nothing is more mature than war. In my vision, my game is brutal, even with the fantasy. I want to, at same time, offer an experience to the people who just like to slash enemies – to these kind of players, you will be able to be The Hero, and almost forget the Management aspect of the game -, to people who like planning, but not taking part in action – that player will be enjoying a rich universe, with different types of soldiers, and the Hero can even be in his own house, while the “Commander” is in the battlefield.

In the controls scheme, you see that I put some different controls, like attack or guard. So, if you think “Oh, I should be in the middle of that fight”, your hero, if you want, will be in there, and you will have full control of his actions. So, at same time you can be giving orders to your soldiers on the gamepad, you can be fighting in that same battle with your soldier. If you wish, you can, also do both of them, giving commands while fighting this war.

After each battle, you manage your Empire. In the Gamepad, you will be sending your resources and soldiers to each zone of your empire, like in the last control screen, and, in the TV, you will be seeing, in a cinematic way, everything happening. So, if you are sending your soldiers to another city, if you choose that, you will be seeing the soldiers walking through the gates, and the crowd reacting to that. And using the analogs, you interact with the town, so, if you want to buy a certain armor, for example, you go to the blacksmith and you buy that.

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