In this game, my idea was to play around with the idea of soldiers and creatures of different eras interacting in a “battle-royal-esque” situation.

This game is a boardgame, and is about war games that will never stop. These games are played by soldiers of different ages of mankind, along with mythical species. The objective of each race is to kill all their enemies, or to hold a fortress, with partners or not.

The game is meant to be played by a number betaween one and eight players. As the Mankind Soldiers, we have the Spartan, the Knight, the Special Forces Agent and the Future Soldier. As the Creatures, we have the Dragons, the Aliens, the Werewolves and the Ghosts.

The balance of the game is based on their weapons and roles: The Spartan is the soldier who can get more resources from nature, and is the one most suited to fight in hard situations and with rustic weapons, like spears. The Knight always walks with his armor and sword, having a good defense, and gain advantages when facing creatures. The Special Forces Agent can use long range weapons without difficulties, but is limited by ammo, and is able to heal himself. And the Future Soldier is the most variable one, can act in a support role, or to use his weapons to neutralize enemies, but is not the best in everything.

The Creatures also have different specializations: The Dragons have the most defense, and are able to cause a lot of damage to the nature. The Alien has the most advanced technology, but need resources to be able to use it. The Werewolves can act as any human soldier, but always spend one night of the week without control. And the Ghosts can walk through any barrier, but is unable to interact with anything.

Besides the combat, there’s also the Nature. The nature is where everything happens, and where everyone can get their resources, be it food, water, resources to use their weapons or shelter. Each player must take care of his character: he has enough food and water? The character is carrying the less weight he can to be able to do actions in a better way?

The board is hexagonal, as the areas in it. There is an element of modular board, allowing different campaigns, in towns, villages or forest. The board has areas of food, areas of water, areas with special conditions and effects – for example, only the Special Forces, the Future Soldier, the Dragons and the Aliens are able to go in this tile –, free areas and Fortresses. Each player can act up to two times, one during the day, and one during the night. They can move, interact with the tile, or make a special move. The Spartan, for example, can create a weapon if he’s in a natural tile. The Future Soldier, otherwise, can use his radar to find enemies, and the Dragon can lay an egg, protecting the tile, and acting as a “reserve” character.

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