069 – Immortal Hero

This game is all about the role of an Immortal, who became the King, in a medieval world. You have all the obligatory stuff for a strategy game set in medieval times: markets, you must manage units, deal with other factions… but where this idea goes in another way is that the war is also […]

012 – Hell’s Market, Part 2

This is an expansion on the idea Hell’s Market. Instead of defining more mechanics, I’ll describe the experience I want the player to have from this game. As said in the first part of this design, the main idea is to explore characters and their relationships: a woman who lost her family, a kid who was […]

029 – Politics

In this game, you must get someone else elected. This is a boardgame, but right now, I want to explain about the main mechanics, and in the future, detail how they apply to a boardgame. You can work in two main different ways, the “clean” campaign and the “dirty” one. Doing a fair campaign is […]

013 – The Intel Team

Again, a work made for a Game Design Challenge, that was “Making Maps”. The original is here. The ideia of my game is being the support of a police squad. Instead of shooting and driving around the city searching for trouble, you are the one who analyzes maps and information, giving your team orders like “You two […]

012 – Hell’s Market

This game is about character relationships, strange things that may be the end of the world or a game show, and a supermarket. You are the leader of a group, or just a lone survivor, it’s up to you, and found shelter in a supermarket. You have food, water, clothes, electricity… But no one knows […]