086 – Three Fates

This idea can be expanded, but right now I think of it is an experience on how your choices shape the future of at least three different people, and the rest of civilization. You are a police officer who can see into the future, and because of that you are elected to be the single officer in […]

077 – The Box

This is an experience about choices. Here, you take the role of different people, all facing a box, without any kind of lock, with a brief note that says “open and it will give you the desires of your heart”. Each time you get ready to open it, you see flashes of their lives, reasons […]

074 – Robots

This is a experience I thought during college, to deal with homophobia, but I want to explore a bit more than just that. So, this is a game in Virtual Reality, where the player is the prototype of a robot, the designated leader, and must go through iterations to perfect itself, and after each “test period” […]

068 – Water

So, I consider this a game that could be a PC game or a mobile one, but part of some kind of compilation of small games. The player takes the role of Jane, that was attacked by a water creature, and since then decided to kill all of them, using a RPG-like system, where you […]

048 – New Years

This game is about fulfilling your life, through years. Each five years will take, more or less, 300 seconds to be completed – I’m still thinking on a good time, originally I thought on 730 seconds to a single year, but would take too long to be able to actually see the differences. Each two […]

047 – Christmas Game

The idea behind this design is pretty old, I believe I first written it in 2012. The game is about creating your gifts by using a pretty basic 3D editor, or by selecting premade pieces, and then you can share it in the game itself, or any type of social media you want. At first, […]

032 – Poetry

A game where the player creates Poetry. The systems may be self-explanatory: the player look a primal bird, and it creates a line. Combining different lines will result in different poetries, and it’s done. In the game world, the player is a messenger of the god called Poet, the only one left after a cataclysm […]

006 – A Good Doctor

First of all, I ask you to understand that some of the designs I’ll be writing here will be about experiences. They may be games without many interactions, or these games may be about concepts that are hard to talk about. As someone who believes that games are the best way to deliver experiences, better […]