This game is quite ambitious – each “play” last a week, at least -, but I think it’s interesting to see people’s reactions to it..

I want this to be a simulation made for players, to interact between themselves, to understand more of democracy, and so on.

Before explaining what I want to achieve, it’s important to describe some things:

  • Simplifying it, a lot, there are the President and his┬áComission, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Media that works with the President, the Media that works against the President and the Common Folk.
  • This game allows role-playing, but each one of the functions above must be followed, if not specified – the Common Folk.
  • Each week, at least, there must be elections for the President. Each two weeks, at least, there’ll be elections for the Congress and the Supreme Court.
  • Only the President can interact with the Moderator, that acts as another Country: any kind of deal or declaration goes only with the President, and the President only.
    • The President can give the Media a report on the conversations, or not: it’s up to them what to do with it.
    • The Moderator, as another Country, can also give the Media a report of the conversation, may it be true or not.
  • Each member of the Presidential Comission, the Congress and the Supreme Court is given a task: if done, they’ll receive funds. If not, they lose support.
    • The Media can ask them for their finances: if they don’t receive that information, or believe that they are false, they must ask the Moderator for these informations: it’s up to the Moderator to give, or not, the actual informations. When that’s done, the Moderator will announce it to the Media.
  • As the Common Folk, they don’t know what’s going on with the three powers: it’s up to the Media to write reports on what’s happening in the “Country”.

This is more of a social experiment than a game: I want to see if players can work together, given power: in a role-playing game like that, people can be part, or not, of corruption scandals. If you were given the task of supporting a controversial law, that the Common Folk doesn’t agree with, and you do it, you’ll receive a lot of money. But, at the same time, the Media can work against you, and say: that man voted to pass a Law that no one wanted to, because he was paid for company XXX.

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