This is a RPG, very by-the-numbers: you talk to a lot of people, form relationships with them, try do get more powerful to face the Evil Dude, try to get rich, terrorize some people… 

The legendary Hero, the one in the prophecies, the one fated to slain the Evil Dude, has fallen. Because you, Elyssa, killed him to steal the legendary dagger, forged in the fires of other dimension, with the tears of a fallen God.

That’s the main twist of this game: you are the leader of a group of bandits. What does it matter, besides the fact that you are a criminal? Almost the entire aspect of relationships with NPC’s. And that’s what I would like to discuss.

If the character is a villain, and established as one, you just can’t expect that all NPC’s will bow down to her will because she’s a hero. Instead, they would be afraid, or maybe rude, but they would know to not try to double-cross her, or to put her in a bad place. So if the character is facing a huge army, and goes to the general of the “Good Side” ask for help, very few people would follow her command, because she is criminal, known all around the country.

Because of that, it changes how she reacts to people: she’s a bandit and now is the only one capable of slaying the Evil Dude. If she demand all the gold in the country, they can pay her, or die by the hands of the Evil Dude’s army. If someone approaches her to save a kitty who’s stuck in a tree, they must offer something much valuable, otherwise it’s a bad deal for her.

Elyssa is also accompanied by her group of bandits, and that’s also a big part of the plot. These guys are already bad-asses, people that face monsters in a daily basis. Elyssa is also one of them, and I want that feeling of camaraderie between them and the contrast of the promised hero and the army: if the relationship between the promised hero and the army is based on the respect for the prophecy, and the hero because he needs the help of the army, Elyssa earned the respect of each one of her group, and they would fight for her not because she stole the dagger, but because they would do it even if she didn’t asked them.

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