That design was selected in the Game Design Challenge: Artistic Endeavors, and the original is here.

This design is called Color of Your Blood, a fighting game that tries to have a more realistic combat, while having some degrees of abstraction.

Each character design is ruled  by some color: the Red character is more active, and looks more passionate in general, always looking for something to put himself into, while the Green character looks less threatening.

Also, based on what the colors represent, each fighter has a differential: not enough to say that Black is overpowered and White is too weak. Green, for example: green is more neutral, so his stats are more balanced, while Red is a more “powerful” color, his attacks are a little bit faster, and strike harder, than Blue, who can withstand more hits.

The reason why the game is called Color of Your Blood is about a core mechanic of it: each character is composed by two legs, two arms, a torso and a head, and they are always “bleeding”, always losing part of their health bar. If your legs or arms are dead, by losing all their health, the player can’t use that part of the body anymore. If you lose the health of your torso or head, you lose.

As players are moving all around the place, bleeding and marking the ground and furniture with their blood, they may face other fighters: as each player must look for the health of their bodies, combat is not about doing some insane strikes, like giving a flying kick, that looks cool, but will increase your bleeding and it’s somehow easier to dodge than, let’s say, a direct punch that’s faster and more likely to connect.

While the characters are fighting – four players would already be a interesting number, enough to have more “real looking” fight where everyone is punching each other, but not too much to a point where you can’t see what you’re doing -, the furniture, ground and walls become a canvas: the blood in the ground, of the color of your fighter, the blood you spilled will let marks… if you submit it to the game, sharing it to another players, you are telling the very own story of that match, that’s unique to you and the players you faced in it.

Now that everything’s explained, the game is played with a controller, where the left analog controls the movement, and the right one where you’ll strike: as the buttons at the right side control the strikes – right leg, left leg, right arm and left arm -, you can change easily where you’ll strike, looking to cause more damage to the enemy. If you don’t give a direction for the attack, it’ll target the torso automatically. The shoulder buttons, though, are to apply modifies: one to block, using the right analog to control where, one to grapple, one to do a insane stunt that moves you faster, and one to do a insane strike, that causes more damage.

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