This is a game settled in reality, but instead of using paintball guns or anything like some of the ideas I’ve written before, this game is played will cellphones.

Before playing it, the player must create a profile, with his name and, most important, some identification: what he’s wearing during the game, what he looks like… that’s important because, in the game, these informations are used to give you a target.

When you start the game, you receive the name of some player, and that player is your first target. To face each other, the players must get near each other: if JohnnyBoy87 is looking for HotDude420, the progress bar of the hunt will fill automatically when you are in a certain range of your target, and the closer you are, faster it will fill. But to fill the bar, you must keep a button pressed, so you would have difficulties to keep it in your pocket while walking around.┬áBut if you think that someone’s chasing you, you can take their photo: if it match your stalker, he’ll lose his points, and you get them. Otherwise, their progress bar will fill way faster than they should, as a punishment for not finding your stalker identity.

The idea is to be a game heavily based on social stealth: getting near the right people, locking your target and keep going around to escape of your stalker. It still need some work, like how to be sure that the players know their targets: it could possibly work someway like the defense mechanic, and there’s the need to give players hints, maybe based on their performances.

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