This is an experience about choices.

Here, you take the role of different people, all facing a box, without any kind of lock, with a brief note that says “open and it will give you the desires of your heart”.

Each time you get ready to open it, you see flashes of their lives, reasons why they are there, ready to open that mysterious thing. For the Medic, you will see the reasons why he would open the box: people are suffering from diseases and pain, and it could help you fix it. For the Man Without Family, you will see the death of his husband, and that the box may give you a message, something to help you move on. It’s your choice, then, to open it or not.

That’s also a game that would work well in a compilation of mini-games and experiences, because this game is more about the consequences of receiving something from a miraculous artifact: in the two examples, of the Medic and the Man Without Family, the box will give what they want, but not in the way they want to.

For the Medic, who wished for everyone to be free of pain, it’ll kill them all, never again feeling distress, or pain, or sickness. For the Man Without Family, it means to forget it all, never again suffering about a lost partner.

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