This is a experience I thought during college, to deal with homophobia, but I want to explore a bit more than just that.

So, this is a game in Virtual Reality, where the player is the prototype of a robot, the designated leader,¬†and must go through iterations to perfect itself, and after each “test period” you must fill some forms, declaring what’s wrong with this iteration.

At first, every single robot is the same, with the very same color, height, details, behaviours, and that’s ok, because in the next iteration, they begin to change: some of them may change some colors of their “bodies”, some may begin to talk, or others may begin to act differently. And you can report it: “oh, changing your color won’t help you perfect yourself”, and then the next iterations won’t change their colors.

After some iterations, the idea is that everyone is different: some may behave like feral animals, while others may be discussing philosophy, some may be wearing nothing at all, knowing their status as mere robots, while others may look for themselves. Then begin the more “heavy stuff”. Robots may begin to focus on study philosophy, robots may begin to form relationships, and that’s where I want the player to actually think for himself.

What’s perfection? To simulate humankind, or to simulate some specific characteristics of humankind? You can customize your entire “species” by your single opinion: color, behaviour, shape of their bodies…

I want the player to ask these questions and think about it, and be able to make connections with the real world, about how people view each other, if one single person, or group, can be held responsible for an entire society.

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