So, I consider this a game that could be a PC game or a mobile one, but part of some kind of compilation of small games.

The player takes the role of Jane, that was attacked by a water creature, and since then decided to kill all of them, using a RPG-like system, where you can see your level, the level of your enemies, you can learn skills, and you must do it: you only get one single life for the entire game, to kill all the creatures.

The player, in best case scenario, would be always training, and never enter the water: the creatures would always have a higher level than the player, so it would be obvious that he would lose. The idea is that as the player would be afraid, the character would be the same, and as soon as they enter the water, the game is finished, showing the “actual plot”: the character just almost drowned when she was a kid, and got aquaphobia. She decided that she would get better, so she always wanted to do it, but never had the courage to do so. When the player decided to face the creature, it’s representing that she found the courage to get in the sea again.

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