This idea is around the idea of players creating patterns, and these patterns are applied to different characters that are facing each other.

To put it simply, the game is a traditional bullet hell – you control a ship, shoot stuff and have enemies shooting you back –, but your main objective is to make an enemy for another players, giving direct orders, or following your movement:

  • Giving a direct order is almost like visual programming: you have certain options for yourself, for the enemy character and the scene, and it’s up to you define the parameters for it, if it must shoot an enemy up to certain range, try to move somewhere… if you destroy enough ships to get an extra rank, you’ll get more spaces to fill with parameters.
  • Following your movement is exactly what it says: you’ll be recording your playthrough, your movements and attacks, and in battle your character will replicate these movements. The more ships you destroy, more time you have to record your actions.

As said before, the idea is that every enemy you face, in singleplayer, or in multiplayer, was developed by someone else: someone decided to have a character that shoot in a straight line only, someone decided to have his character spin a little bit and then shoot… I was thinking about letting players customize how the characters will look like, but at same time it would allow for players who are high enough in the ranks to actually design enemies that look like bosses, but some people would just put more weapons, or shields, and try to break the game with overpowered enemies.

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