First of all, I didn’t put a tag for a genre because I don’t think is worth creating a new tag for only a single game – if I am to write about another runner, I’ll do it and update this.

The game is an action runner: instead of only running away from something, and that’s being the focus, I believe that a running could use some action movie feel, where things are exploding, jets piercing the skies, people shooting each other, but always on the background. The idea is that you are a stunt double filming the next action movie, and you are running away from the Bad Guy, justifying why everything is happening. The objective is to reach the longest distance possible, while earning points: you gain points for being alive, but the closest you get from the dangers, like the explosions or bullets, more points you earn, encouraging the player to risk themselves to get a better score, that’ll lead to better upgrades and itens at the store.

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