This project is about an Orchestra, but taking a approach a little bit different than rhythm games: instead of only doing the song, the player must conquer another people to join their orchestra, or by being social, or showing your awards, or facing them off in a duel. I classified it as a RPG because of these systems, and the idea of an open world, with a story behind it all.

You are John/Jane Doe – you can customize the name, sex and the instrument of the character -, who got a chance to enter The Grand Orchestra Arena, an international festival, where everyone must work together to create an orchestra good enough to, in the end of the festival, compete for a chance to perform with the greatest people in the industry.

This is a rhythm game, where you see the next buttons in a list, but you must define the rhythm and general flow of it by yourself: if you conquered a Conductor, he’ll do it for you, you only need to follow him. But, besides it, a lot of the game is talking with people, trying to bring them to your group, finding what the Judges like, and discover who, in this festival, you must look forward.

In this festival, there are a lot of small events, where you gain awards, creating a ranking system: higher your position, more influence you have, so more people may join you if you ask them nicely enough. But the player should not only focus on the positions: there may be musicians who scored lower for small errors, like missing some notes or missing the tempo: in these cases, the Conductor may be able to help you fix it, gaining a new ally that may be just as good as the best ones.

To finish this part of the design, the last way to interact with people is the duel. In a duel, each player must choose three pieces, while a third party will say who will play what. In a Duel, differently than an Event, missing notes or the tempo is not that problematic: your objective is to show not only your techniques, but your “soul”, so even if you do something completely different, you may still be able to impress the Opponent, who may join you, but will say that your execution was pretty flawed.

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