This is, possibly, the biggest game I’ll try to design here.

The reason why it’s so big, and it’s going to be nearly impossible to do it? This game is a MMO, where instead of focusing on the weapons the player will gain, or incredible questlines, with the focus being the skills.

Each player will have, in the beginning of the game, one single skill, that he’ll create: he’ll choose a function, that may be offensive, defensive or crafting related. Then, he must choose an instrument: if it’s a offensive skill, will he use them with swords, spears, two handed hammers or even magic, if he want to. After he chooses an instrument for it, it’s time to begin the actual “skill creation”, where you have some options of effects: damage, speed, negative effects, positive effects… As I said before, the focus of the game is here, in creating skills. If I were to describe them right now, I would spend so much time here that I wouldn’t be able to think about other games for some days.

Instead of giving the players a world filled with NPC’s, I want to trust in them, that they will be able to create stories there, because of the skills: you can teach someone your unique skill, or you can kill someone to have a chance to get their unique skill. Of course, in the beginning there’s the need to give weapons, but after a little bit of time, players would create more. Some of the crafters may only change colors, while others may improve the status of the armor. And other crafter may be able to change it completely. Imagine the possibilities here, with players creating skills, that may be unique in the entire game world, depending on other players to gain access to better gear.

I said that you can kill people to get their skills. The entire game is a huge PVP: while there are “monsters” – IA driven swordsman and mages – to be killed, and possibly will give the player some of their own skills, players must create their own rules. Maybe the stronger ones will decide to help the town, promising to teach players who keep the peace? Yes, the concept is pretty flawed, players could just say “screw it”, and begin to kill people in the street. To fix it, there would be a specific combat system.

The combat is slow, to look more real. You must choose how to strike, how to block. It’s less an action game and more like chess: you won’t win if you go in blind, a good player may be able to dodge and kill you in one common strike. To allow for “justice”, even for the strongest players, you play these combats in first person: if someone’s going to hit you in the back, it would be hard to see them, you would only do it by luck, of if your unique skill allows you to do it.

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