This game is about fulfilling your life, through years.

Each five years will take, more or less, 300 seconds to be completed – I’m still thinking on a good time, originally I thought on 730 seconds to a single year, but would take too long to be able to actually see the differences. Each two seconds, you must choose between four actions, one related to your well being, one to your relationships, one to your knowledge, and one to your professional future. It’ll depend on your life stage: as a kid, the choices may be eat all the green in your plate, be good to your parents, learn how to play music or study at school, while as an adult they may be to never drink alcohol, take a trip with your family, take a course on cooking and work harder.

I believe it would be an interesting take on human life, if there are enough choices. In the best case scenario, if you decided to learn music when you’re a child, you may unlock options related to music, in your future, and a whole new set of relationships to acquire. Of course, it would take a lot of work to be doable, but if the game is only choices, I think that it wouldn’t be that hard to achieve, the point is that the more options you have, more interesting your stories would be, allowing different stories to be made by the players.

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