This game is based on owning a university and making it grow.

Your job is to make your university the best one around, by having the best professors, the best students, the best equipment and the higher reserve of money. All the game is based on these factors, in a way that I’ll explain in a few moments.

The first resource the player must look for is money – without it, you can’t pay your professors, neither your university will develop further. Some of the ways you can get resources in the beginning is to make partnerships that may help you with professors  or equipment. The problem with it is that you need to follow whatever things your partner want you to do. Another way to get money is to get sponsors that will require you to fulfill certain requisites, or to do certain tasks. It’s better than partnerships because with this, you may abandon them after certain time.

After you get money, you must invest on your professors. You may have two main options, the ones in the beginning of their careers, that may specialize themselves in their fields while they work with you, and cost way less than the famous professors, that while cost more than the beginners, may bring sponsors and the media to invest in the university, and already are the best in their fields.

So, right now you have a university that can afford professors, and the next step is to get equipment. They are required to improve your classes, increasing your education points. They are influenced by the university itself, the amount of courses offered and organization, and are also influenced by the quality of your staff and the equipment you have. The equipment doesn’t need to be the most expensive in their categories, but need to fulfill your needs. What may happen, with cheaper equipment, is to have it break easier than more technological material.

The last thing you need is the students. They will go to your university for different reasons, may it be the programs you offer, the people they will met, the professors who teach there… In general, you should have enough students to fill your classes: if you offer a design degree, if your university have the basic requisites to have a design degree program, you will have enough students to not lose all your resources during their studies.

To finish this part of the idea, there is how to use your resources when you already are already working, The more important action you may take is to offer opportunities for your professors and students to publish papers, or to take part in events: this way, they will increase their capacities, leading them to pursue further education.

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