As some other ideas, this was based on some themes a group I was part of had when we needed to make a game. This one was not selected, but I think it have a lot of potential. The idea itself is pretty short, but I don’t feel like I should describe it more, in this first part of it. The future versions of it will probably be shorter than the usual, but this game is not one I believe that’ll be played more than few times.

The game is based on the sport skeleton, but more hardcore. In this world, there are people who had surgeries to remove their sense of pain, so they’re able to be part of this new kind of sport.

Skeleton, or this new version of it, was created to make it true to the name: if the sportist reaches the end of the course, alive, he’ll gain enough money to be able to live for some years in luxury. If they are hurt enough, they are able to retire after one single race.

It’s a game that uses dark comedy, where people will slide through sandpaper-like materials, go through insane jumps, and try to appeal the crowds, by getting hurt in a high speed dive that normal people shouldn’t think of doing.

The game would use an art style similar to old cartoons, with the violence being very stylized, but present: the player must understand that this is a violent game, some characters may actually be losing limbs on it, but not feel grossed enough to quit it earlier than expected.

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