This design is the first part of a multimidia project I would like to develop: it would use a boardgame as the main piece, containing all the characters and mechanics, while using a visual novel to tell stories about the characters and, eventually, an animation project that will show more about the world. This design is the design of the visual novel: instead of showing you all the characters, I’ll be focusing on two of them, and talk a little bit about their interactions.

So, this is a visual novel, where the main characters are members of a game company, some of them knew each other beforehand, some of them just met, and everyone is working on the next big project.

I’m thinking something between eight and sixteen main characters, I’m still trying around with the exact number, because I want these characters to feel real. If I were to describe them just with “he’s a nerd”, or “she’s a jock”, it would not look like someone with real problems or any life at all. And these characters have stories, they lived their lives, got experiences, so I think that they deserve proper treatment.

The story of this game is not about romance, or some epic tale about how they overcome their problems with the power of friendship. I want to make it more about the connections made by people who share a passion. Of course, there are things that shaped them, but they not define who they are. Let me give two examples.

There’s that one guy that got hit in an accident some years ago, and got pretty messed up. He got some ugly scars in his face, decided to wear one of these giant animal masks to hide it. Yes, it may sound like a stereotype thing, or the only thing that define this character, but he is not defined by the accident, or by the mask he’s always wearing: he’s a funny man, serious when he needs to be, and is good at designing characters. He’s not defined by the accident itself, he’s not depressed or think about revenge, he learned to move on. The mask itself is a support for him, because he wants to look like that, to be more approachable and friendly.

And that foreign woman? She don’t speak that much, even being the one supposed to keep track of everyone progress, but she’s there for the people who need it. Does it mean that she had some issues in the past? No, just that she’s not sure that she’s talking in the proper manner, and she’s afraid that people will laugh at her expense. And that guy I talked about before don’t care about it. She saw him working overnight, he asked her if she wanted some drinks, and they went to a bar. Does it mean that suddenly the man is ok with the idea of showing his face? Does it mean that suddenly the woman is the more talkative of the group? No, but it’s something, if done right – I may not be able to make this vision come true, but I believe it’s worth trying -, it’s going to be a genuine interaction, that serves to make these characters more than just one thing in their personalities, and tell more of them: how did they react? What do they think about it?

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