This game is about dealing with the development of your career as fashion designer, starting with the conception of the clothes until the end, where you must deal with the social media. Because of it, there will be more than one type of gameplay in this game.

The first stage is to deal with the creative conception. You must research for the last tendencies – the better you were in the last show, the better you will be able to research – and select what you think will be the best. After selecting the very basic idea of the clothes you are going to show in the next job, you begin the second stage.

The second stage is about ethical choices. You have options about how to produce the clothes, and were to get the materials to do it. You can buy these materials from “good” sources, in which you know the workers had excellent conditions in their workplaces, making they cost higher than materials from “bad” sources, that may have some issues in workplaces, or even serious problems like child labor. When is time to produce the clothes, you can also choose between hiring interns, that may be good and cheap, or hire professionals, that are surely good and may help you get renown. The problem, of course, is that they are expensive.

You have the clothes ready, now you go through the third stage, to choose the models. Again, you must choose them not only based on how well they will be on the clothes you designed, how good or bad they are, but also how they deal with the media and how high are their chances of causing trouble to you or other models. So you must choose, for example, between a new model, without experience, that never used drugs and is adorable in social media, or a more experienced model, that may had some issues with violence in the past and don’t have a nice record when interacted with media.

The fashion show is not a stage of the game, just a small cutscene to show the labor of your efforts. However, the show is not the last part of the game: each “job”, each show, goes a little beyond the show itself, leading to the last stage.

The media is the “final boss”, and you must deal with it. Do you remember how you designed your clothes, in the very first stage of the game? They will ask about it, demanding to know why there were no certain things on your design. And why you bought the materials from your source? Why so expensive, or why so cheap? Why you hired these models? Why one of them attacked another one? Be friendly, neutral or arrogant. You must reassure yourself and your models, while trying to not harm the way they see you, making their judgement on you easier, leading to better jobs.

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