A design made for a Game Design Challenge about a piece of history. You can see the original here.

My game is about Zumbi dos Palmares, one of the best known leaders in Brazil History, leading the biggest Quilombo – places where former slaves went after becoming free, one way or another, becoming an icon of resistance against the slave labor in the Colonial Period.

The reason why I see Zumbi as an epic character is the fact that he was surrounded by legends. People said that he was immortal, and he was a genius strategist. But yet, that isn`t the reason why I see him as the perfect character: He was a man who rescue slaves, but at the same time he also had slaves.

The game have a very basic premise: You create your legend, you create your Quilombo, and must survive. You can choose if you will be seen as someone who free slaves, or someone who own slaves. For obvious reasons, there is also combat and some strategy in this game.

The strategy is about making your Quilombo grow up: Send people to farms, trying to get more people to your base, or invest in resources to improve their life condition, being it by getting food or handcraft products to trade with other people. Your main resource is people, you don’t need to worry about stones or wood, because you are their leader, so you need to worry only about the bigger picture.

The combat is based on guerrila. In the beginning, you are on your own, fighting with these groups. Yes, it may be historically inaccurate, but it serves to begin your legend and, in the context of the game, make your fame as a strategist and soldier. The more you fight, alone or not, bigger your legend will be.

The enemy soldiers will react to that, after all, who could defeat an immortal man? You can get more “Legend Points” by acting as someone to be feared, being it by killing soldiers without being seen, or making out of combat without any kind of problems. Soon, enemies will flee when they see you, and you can choose to kill them or not.

The mid-game, when you assume the leadership of the Quilombo, it’s when the moral choices begin. You can, indeed, send people to save slaves, or you can take slaves by force, or woman, or take tributes of smaller towns. And, of course, you will have absolutely no punishment by doing any of these two. Only your legend may change: Being a benevolent ┬áman, more slaves can ask for your help, but being a “evil” leader you make people afraid, so you and your Quilombo could get better resources by taking it by force.

At the end-game, it’s all about fighting in the Guerra dos Palmares, and trying to make it out alive. You command your people, and must resist as long as possible. The main player finish the game dying by the hand of Domingos Jorge Velho, after escaping the now destroyed Quilombo, living again in the woods as a Zombie.

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