This game was a participation in a Game Design Challenge, that should use the Statina. Here’s┬áthe original.

The concept is around Statina. The concept is simple enough: A 2D, platform game, with the concept of creating levels and be able to publish it. After all, you have a nice board in which you can draw, so why not use it to plan stages?

By using the board, you can easily prototype the feel of the game. If it’s going to be “tower-like”, or if it’s a long sideways sidescroller. And in your computer you can refine it; “If you hit that block, you gain something”. The idea is that the player can customize not just his creations, but the game itself. He can create a mod that, if an enemy dies, he explodes and affect the scene.

It’s similar to Minecraft, in a lot of ways. You can easily prototype your game, and by using another programs, with the Statina, you can create your own artwork. You can play, and if you didn’t like how it is, you go back to the board, making a few adjustments. Then you share, and the other people will play it, and if they want, will costumize it even more.

A quick example: You just created that amazing concept of a character with a gun. If you want, you create a corridor, just to see if your creation feels nice in a game. You drag the “Move” action to him. He moves, and you begin to adjust it. Well, let’s shoot. You drag the “Shoot” action from the Game Editor and put it in the Character. Let’s say his name is Carl. So, he shoot. You create a few bubbles, and these are the Enemies. Again, you drag the “Explode when is dead” feature.” You just created a basic sidescroller shooter

That’s the idea. Simple, easy to learn and simple to use. The idea is to everyone be able to create a game and it’s characters, just by drawing in a board and testing it.

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