A noir feel, a mansion of an old man, a party and a murder.

The game is a mystery game, based on noir movies. You are the Private Investigator who’s also a drunk, but one of the best around. You were invited to the party along with seven other people. No one knew that the Old Man, the one who owned the mansion, would be dead by the end of the night. And, by the morning, one of them could be the heir of everything he owned.

As part of the game created by the man, everyone would receive a revolver, with five fake bullets, that would only make sound, and a real bullet, that would harm, or kill, who they were aiming for. If the murderer manages to leave the house by the morning, he would own everything. If someone murders the murderer, they geteverything. If they murder an innocent, they will lose their rights, even if they kill the murderer after.

There are only two problems. The murderer didn’t use his revolver, and no one remember what they did in the party.

In nine hours, this game will end. You made everyone agree that, for eight hours, you can try to take the culprit to the law, and everyone would share the prize. If by the end of the eighth hour no one is found guilty, everyone is free to do what they think is right.

Here’s how the gameplay work: you have eight hours to talk to everyone, find who the killer is, present your case to the six other guests and apply the punishment. Each hour, you can do up to three actions.

The first action is to talk to someone: doing this, you can ask about yourself, about themselves and about the victim. By talking, you get their point of views, that’ll help you to make your case. Each time you talk, you must select the better option to get answers: if the person didn’t like the victim, you can agree with her. If the person is crying, you can offer your shoulder, and so on. Or you can kill the person you’re talking with, if you have sure you’re right.

The second action is to look for clues. It will give you something to work with, that will allow you to convince people that you found the guilty one.

The last action is to move, so you can find the other people, or clues, in another part of the mansion.

The game is finished by nine o’clock. If the murderer leaves the house alive, the “good guys” lose. If you killed the wrong person, the “good guys” lose. If you arrest the wrong person, however, you may win, if you managed to ask the right questions and convince everyone else.

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