Here, I don’t want to design this game in a way that “people are good, creatures are bad”. Instead, I’m planning on dealing with the cases where “the people may have done things wrong and some creatures are taking advantage of it, but they kinda deserve it”.

The stage is a small town in a multinational place. Lots of people, lots of languages being spoken and lots of stories to hear, and you are the Woman who deal with it. In a lot of cases, you only deal with common bandits that are trying to make the Creatures look bad. Some punches, some broken bones and everything’s okay. In these cases, the game plays like a common sandbox – you can drive vehicles, but not rob them, you can run, punch criminals and interact with people, getting sidequests.

But there will be cases where the Creatures will actually be the bad guys. And in these cases, what are you going to do? Punch them? Shoot them with your gun? No one cares about them because they could be killed easily. Some Creatures may be small, but fast. Or others may spit fire, or others being invulnerable to any harm. And, in these cases, you use Him.

Him is a parasite. Him was once a magician, who knew some tricks about dealing with Creatures. But one of them got lucky, and switched bodies with Him, that needed someone to help him. And you were the chosen one.

When you play with the Woman, you deal with common things, with the ordinary. But the extraordinary is dealt by Him. He’s merciless, and to him Creatures are research material, to be dissected and analyzed. And that’s why he know that the Big Dudes are harmed by wood, or the Quick Guys would tell the truth about anyone if you have some sugar with you.  Him can be even with the Creatures, and he knows it. He know how to kill them all using magic, while Her can’t.

You have then your action game, but sometimes you will be dealing with more of a talking, bargaining and using magic. Of course, some Creatures may be dealt with close quarter combat, or with bullets made holy by some priest, but the idea is that’s up to Him to talk, analyze and be the judge of any Creature: he is the one who talks to them, who interacts to them and say the final word.

I only want to talk a little bit about the world. The world of the Woman is bland, boring. It’s a world where people work, sleep, eat and repeat, and sometimes see some Creatures. His world is full of life, with Creatures that may be taller than any building, or the air itself is a colony, and everything is so strange that you want to get lost in. And when you go back to her world… You want to come back, to see more of this “cool” town, hidden within the “boring” one.

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