I like the idea of this game, I wish to come back to it later. It’s interesting, and I believe that it can work, just sounds a little bit hard to develop, because of the time travel aspect and the set of interactions with objects and people.

This game is a Tactical RPG, where the main character, that you can customize, can go back in time.

This is a Tactical RPG, and you can control some characters, one of them being the one you customized. Each job requires a specific team, with specific functions: some may require explosives; others may require hackers, and so on. The team size also changes on the job, robbing a store in the road only need the main character, while robbing a bank may require a team of ten or more people.

Each turn, you can give orders to your characters. Move, Attack or Interact. Move, of course, move your character to where you want to. Attack will use his weapon, may be a blunt one or a firearm, and use it to neutralize threats. Interact, however, is context driven: if you are near a computer, you may be able to hack it, or if you are near a witness, you may silence it.

In the beginning of each mission, you have a small debriefing, to know how much security the place have, what you need to take, and some other information. You do the job, then, and receive your profit, that can be used to improve your crew – making them better in their respective functions, or giving them new interactions -, to improve your intel – you’ll receive more information in the debriefings, and may receive information during the job, improve your gear – buying new weapons and armor – or to improve the skills of your character.

The way his skill work is easy: each time he’s going to die, he go back some minutes. This time is enough to redo the job – his crew is specialized on doing things quick. He’s also able to keep the memories of up to three time travels, if he tries to do more, he’ll forget the first one, and so on. However, the player can write it down somewhere, or try to remember it, so he can fully explore the benefits of this power.

A basic example, the job is to rob a store, and your team is you and two other thieves. After moving inside the place, you put your whole team to rob the store. But there are guards that you didn’t know about. Then, you’re dead.

Now, you know that there are guards in the store. Instead of placing the whole team to get the money, you put only yourself in there, while the rest of the crew goes to deal with the guards. When they show up, you were already ready to deal with them, so you are safe.

The main objective is to let players take their times with each job, look for everything, so they can do the “perfect” crime without needing to look for a guide: they just need to remember what’s important, and have fun seeing how they can use the time travel to improve their jobs.

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